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Measure personality traits and values in one questionnaire

Two people with the same personality traits may act differently according to their value systems. This can offer insight in to their likely “fit” to a job role or organizational culture. SOSIE™ is more than a simple personality measure; it also identifies a person’s values system to reliably predict their motivations, behaviour and adaptation to a role and/or organizational culture. SOSIE is also used extensively in development to help individual’s understand themselves better and how their traits and values may differ from others’.

Values Impact Job Performance

Values are deeply held concepts that drive an individual’s decisions, preferences, beliefs and interests. A clash between personal and organizational values can often lead to disillusionment in a role and poor performance.


General selection Employee development Career coaching


Check with your local office for SOSIE certification, training, and report options.

Combine Lenses

Raven’s + Sosie

Combine Raven’s and SOSIE to see mental competence with an indication of soft skill through the measurement of personality and values.