Raven’s Progressive Matrices™

Available in US, UK, Australian, and Indian English, French, and Dutch

Don’t Let Unsolved Problems Stall Your Business

It’s easy to get lost in new, complex information or concepts and misinterpret the problem. Raven’s Progressive Matrices assesses skills essential for professionals, managers, and highflyers, including advanced observation and clear-thinking skills, efficient problem solving, abstract reasoning, and the ability to learn. Use Raven’s when you need one of the most trusted cognitive ability tests in the industry.

Questions are non-verbal — perfect for multicultural workforces


High-Potential Identification Global Staffing General Intelligence


Check with your local office for Raven’s certification, training, and report options.

Combine Lenses

Raven’s + Sosie

Combine Raven’s and SOSIE to see mental competence with an indication of soft skill through the measurement of personality and values.