Golden Personality Type Profiler™

Help individuals perform at a higher level

Administered worldwide by schools and organizations in all industry sectors, the Golden Personality Type Profiler™ is one of the most in-depth personality assessments available. Powered by Jung’s Theory of Type as well as the Five Factor model of personality, Golden identifies both a 4-letter Jungian type and a 5th element for stress while offering 18 sub-facets that describe the unique personality of each individual. Its powerful reporting options for both individuals and teams offer a great insight and better understanding of self and others making Golden the perfect tool for individual and team development interventions.

Questions relate to five areas:

  • Where you focus your energy (Extraverting vs Introverting)
  • How you gather information (Sensing vs iNtuiting)
  • How you make decisions (Thinking vs Feeling)
  • How you approach life (organiZing vs Adapting)
  • How you respond to stress (Tense vs Calm)


Employee Development Teambuilding Career Coaching


Check with your local office for Golden certification, training, and report options.

Combine Lenses

Watson + Golden

Combine Watson and Golden to expand the information available from the Watson-Glaser II by providing insights on preferences related to decision-making and interpersonal style.